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An insight into the role of our new Customer Success Manager Natalie Cook – 15 August 2019

What is your role here at Cadspec?

My role as the Customer Success Manager is to work through the three phases of Autodesk software contracts – adopt, expand and renew.

In the adopt phase, I will be working closely with our customers to ensure they have a smooth transition into using their new software. This will involve communicating with new customers via email and phone to ensure they have registered their software and are able to set up accounts for their team members. I will also be able to recommend any useful training which could help the customer to make the most of their software.

In the expand phase I will be keeping in contact with all of our customers throughout their contract life-cycle to ensure everything is running smoothly and will also be able to recommend some of our value added services where I feel the customer could benefit. In essence, I will be the friendly face on the end of the phone or email to provide as much help, support and information I can for Cadspec customers.

In the renew phase, I will be ensuring customers are aware when their contracts are due for renewal and will be providing the support and information for those customers to renew without any interruption to workflow.


What was your previous role?

I have recently graduated from Wolverhampton University with a first degree in Musical Theatre and am looking forward to getting stuck into this new role. Whilst at university I started up as a freelance events organiser in which I am sub-contracted by Jaguar Land Rover to assist with the running of their events.

In addition, whilst at university I worked as a recruitment consultant / Administrator for a technical recruitment agency which specialised in technical and engineering recruitment for the Automotive, Architectural, Engineering and Construction industries. This role has provided me with an introduction to the industry and I can’t wait to delve into it more.



You have joined us to create Cadspec’s Customer Success Team, how do you see this benefitting our customers?

Previously, our whole team assisted in helping our customers. By introducing a team of customer success managers, our customers will be able to get to know our small team on a first name basis and will have a clear pathway to access information, help and guidance with their software and contracts.

It also means that we will have the capacity to be more active in the customer’s journey with their Autodesk products and ensure that we are keeping in touch with the customer to offer any additional training or value added services that we feel would benefit the customer in their role and to their business.


What’s your favourite application or well-known project that’s utilised Autodesk software? 


One of my favourite projects I have read about is the Grand Theatre of Rabat, Morocco, which was created by the late Zaha Hadid. This theatre was created using Revit software in which the main auditorium displays a crystalline geometric pattern inspired by traditional Moroccan Muqarnas. A Muqarna is a traditional ornamental vaulted ceiling often seen in Islamic architecture, and by utilising the tools available in Autodesk Revit, the architects were able to give the theatre a futuristic yet culturally historic feel. 

Given my background in musical theatre, this is something that is of great interest to me.


What is the most exciting prospect of working in the CAD industry?

As I’m fairly new to the CAD industry, everything is very fresh and exciting in which I’m really looking forward to learning all of the different industries in which Autodesk software is used and the different applications and exciting projects which utilise the software.

I also looking forward to developing dialect with our customers and exploring some of the projects they are working on to see if I can offer any additional guidance and/or support.


How are you finding the team at Cadspec and at the Stanford Marsh Group HQ?

It’s my first week in the role and so far it’s been great! The team at the Stanford Marsh Group have really helped me to feel welcome and have created a great atmosphere for me to get stuck into my new role.

I particularly like the family atmosphere as it is a family owned group and the team are very close knit and supportive.


Have you got any exciting upcoming projects within your new role that our customers can look forward to seeing?

Within the next few weeks as I become more familiar with the business, I will be getting involved in some exciting upcoming communications initiatives with our customers that will keep us more connected throughout the customer’s entire journey with their software contracts. These new communications initiatives will also help us to ensure the customer is getting as much as they can from both their Autodesk software and Cadspec. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in.


Want to have a chat with our new Customer Success Manager? Give us a call on 01905 458000 and ask for Natalie!

An insight into the role of our new Customer Success Manager  Natalie Cook

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