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Autodesk Vault 2019 - why should I use it? – 29 October 2018

With today’s available technologies, project management and collaboration shouldn’t be difficult. Yet, we find there are still so many organisations out there who encounter problems throughout their project’s life cycle; whether it’s problems with sharing files, or teams not communicating as much as they should be, or even files being lost or overwritten.

Here at Cadspec, we strive to eliminate these factors once and for all by helping to implement smart data management solutions. Find out for yourselves why we think Autodesk Vault is the best tool for this with our breakdown of the best 8 features of the software…

1. Break down the wall between your Design and Engineering departments

Every project begins with the design department in what’s typically an evolution of ideas being collected drafted and refined. In the next evolutionary stage of the project design cycle, the design meets the form and function phase, and this is where it can start to get rocky. In an exchange between design and engineering departments, it can often be difficult for both teams to effectively communicate. As a team who have previously worked in the MFG industry, we understand that communication between the design and engineering departments isn’t always smooth.

With Autodesk Vault, engineering and design teams are brought together in one collaborative environment where Vault becomes the single source for processing all design information. There’s no need for the engineering team to wait for the design team to pass on information, causing lengthy hold ups and back and forth revisions. Instead the engineering team can begin investigating tolerances and performance from day 1, whilst being kept aware of any design changes in real time.

2. Speed up the product development cycle

When a design doesn’t go to plan, the entire project is often sent straight back to the drawing board. Not only is this costly, it’s incredibly frustrating.

Autodesk Vault enables engineers to search through previous designs easily, enabling them to understand past design decisions and the rationale behind each one, even in the early development cycles. Files can then be easily copied, with attachments automatically brought along, allowing you to easily pick and choose which files to keep and which to scrap. This means there’s no need to waste ideas and no reason to start from scratch!

3. Stay on top of file revisions

When there are multi-disciplinary teams working on one project, files are being shared and edited left, right and centre. With Autodesk Vault, there’s no need to track down the latest file version as the latest data is leveraged across teams, locations and even countries.

With the file check-in and check-out system, team members can work on files with peace of mind that they’re working on the latest copy. This enables a secure and coordinated exchange of ideas throughout the projects evolution.

4. There's a back up plan in place

Accidentally changed the master copy of your design? Is your organisation’s system down and you can’t access the drive you need? Has your file mysteriously erased itself?

With Autodesk Vault, these problems no longer exist. Using the Autodesk Vault Explorer, you can access previous designs, revert to previous versions and see where and when a revision was made with the revision management tools.  You’ll wonder how you ever worked without it!

5. Benefit from simple integration into your software

Autodesk Vault integrates with Autodesk Collection, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Mechanical, and AutoCAD. The intuitive administrative tools make server management easy for even those with minimal IT knowledge.

6. Share project data with external stakeholders and influencers

With the Autodesk Vault Web Client, you can effortlessly share design data with the shop floor and other project stakeholders, including build materials and attachments.

What’s more, the web client is designed to facilitate collaboration with team members who cannot use or do not have access to CAD tools. The client enables such team members to view both 2D and 3D annotations, create mock ups and then submit or distribute for review or to request engineering changes. This tool improves collaboration, communication and project efficiencies across your entire business.

7. Exchange and sync data with business systems

Autodesk Vault Professional enables you to export engineering data to an ERP business system, with powerful tools that allow you to manage bills of materials and more.

Items for product design can easily be created for files and can be reviewed, edited and saved. Users can also view item records and set life cycle state to release in preparation for export.

8. Maintain design standards across the board

By being able to customise data in its true form, administrators can ensure everyone follows the same standards as a way to enforce best practices and ensure the best data gets created each time.

For more Information on Vault, or to find out which version best suits your needs, contact us at info@cadspec.co.uk or call us on 01905 458000. 

Autodesk Vault - Autodesk Vault 2019 - why should I use it?

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