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Welcome to the team Nick & Martin! – 26 April 2018

The Cadspec team are delighted to bring two new application engineers into the team after a successful period of growth. We would like to welcome Nick Dimarco; our new AEC application engineer, and Martin Nguen; our new AEC application engineer, who will be joining the training team at our headquarters in Worcester. Nick and Martin bring with them a wealth of industry knowledge and experience and have a passion for passing this knowledge on. Continue reading to find out a bit more about our new application engineers!

What was your previous focus before this role?

Martin: In my previous role, I worked as a design engineer for a manufacturing company who specialised in structural steel. My responsibilities included FEA analysis of steel products as well as creating designs from scratch and producing manufacturing drawings.

Nick: I was previously a surveyor draftsman for a small earthworks company. My responsibilities included land surveying using GPS technology and production of 2D drawings with AutoCAD. I also have a passion for teaching and prior to this position I was a lecturer at a college in Worcestershire.

What made you apply for this role?

Martin: I was looking to begin a new chapter in my career and Cadspec have a great reputation in the CAD industry. I’m a big fan of Autodesk software and was looking for a role where I could work with and further develop my skills in this software. Being able to represent the ‘Future of Making Things’ is something I’m really excited about and I want to help others to become a part of the manufacturing revolution.

Cadspec are a growing company and I look forward to being a part of this growth and contributing to it. There are a lot of prospects in terms of career development and I’m eager to learn even more about the Autodesk product range and to pass this knowledge on.

Nick: I was really impressed by Cadspec’s technical and product knowledge as well as the different types of consultancy and training services they offer. I thought it would be a great opportunity to take on a more varied role where I can get involved in designing in Autodesk software, advising customers and sharing my knowledge with training delegates.

What are you most looking forward to in this role?

Martin: I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in with the role and establishing a place amongst the team. I’m also looking forward to learning more about the Autodesk product range. I enjoy working with new people so taking on a training aspect of the role is something that really suits me and I look forward to working with future delegates, helping to pass on my knowledge and skills.

Nick: I’m looking forward to learning more about the Autodesk software range as well as brushing up my skills. I previously worked with AutoCAD so it will be great to delve into the other products again and explore what’s new. I’m most looking forward to training delegates as I have a passion for teaching. I hope to facilitate the learning of our future industry experts and to do my part in ‘The Future of Making Things’.

What industry expertise do you bring to the role?

Martin: I’m a structural engineer by degree with a background in manufacturing so I feel I’m brining with me a strong amount of industry knowledge and experience. I’ve got a keen eye for spotting potential problems and coming up with solutions to streamline a process. And I’m always up for a challenge!

Nick: I’m a civil engineer by degree and have previously worked as a civil engineer on UK contracting sites across the country. Therefore, I’m in an ideal position to deliver bespoke training courses which are tailored to delegates’ roles and can offer greater insights into the specific tools and tips and tricks delegates will need to use to succeed with their AEC application.


The Cadspec team are looking forward to working with Martin and Nick and we would like to wish them the best of luck with their new roles! We’re delighted by the progress of Cadspec and the fantastic job our team do whether it’s a consultancy project, training on Autodesk software or offering technical support. As Autodesk gold partners, we’re one of the UK’s most trusted Autodesk resellers. However, as you can see from our team’s passion and adept knowledge, we’re not just resellers.

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Welcome to the team Nick & Martin!

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