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  • March 20, 2020
  • Author: Catherine Aspinall
  • Blog

Demystifying Fusion 360 collaboration for companies

As Fusion 360 gains popularity & Autodesk temporarily extending an access program to several of their flagship cloud collaboration products (including Fusion 360), it has become apparent that users need to quickly and easily set up shared repositories of data & projects for all co-workers at their company.


Everyone as part of their Fusion 360 subscription, now has Fusion Team for Collaboration included. Moreover, as most users are part of the company domain, Fusion Team allows for those users of that domain to easily join the team.

Scenario 1 – New users

New Fusion 360 users join a company Team. This is now the default. Start by creating an account:

Adding User Autodesk Account

After creating the account, you are prompted to create a new Team. If the user is part of a domain where a Team already exists, then this will be available in this screen as well (see below).

F360 Team

If you have created a new team and you are part of a domain, then tick the option below before continuing.

F360 Team

All other new users will be able to connect to this newly created Team as it will be listed (only if they are in the same domain).

New users will be able to see projects in this Team, but they have to request access.

A “+” will be listed to the right of a project, but change to ‘request access’ if you hover over it and if you click on it, you will see this:

Fusion 360 Team

The original creator of this project can view access requests…

Fusion 360 Team

….and approve the requests too.

Fusion 360 Team

The user will now have access to this project.

Scenario 2 – Existing users

Select an existing user who will be the new Team admin

Existing users will probably have legacy projects that they wish to share to the new company Team.

Use this link to access the Fusion Team on-boarding page:

Fusion 360 Team

Click on the ‘Let’s go’ button. Here you can choose to move existing project to the new Team.

In the Destination Team, either type in a new Team name or select an existing one in your domain.

Fusion 360 Team

You must select at least one project in order to move on.

All Scenarios

Once the Team has been created, run Fusion 360. Switch Team to the newly created one.

Fusion 360 TEam

Then select ‘My Profile’, then Admin.

Fusion team

Here you can edit the name of your Team and add the domain so that new users can see this Team.

You can also set whether they are auto enabled or not.

Fusion Team

In ‘Members and Roles’ section, you can invite users to the Team.


In ‘Projects’, you can manage who has access to various projects in the Team.

F360 Team

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