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Autodesk BIM 360

Autodesk BIM 360 is a single source of truth allowing for seamless communication, collaboration & construction.

Accelerate and improve decision making, connect your teams, and predict project outcomes. BIM 360 allows you to centralise your project data & access the information you need in real-time, anywhere, so you can track your project and make decisions in the field.

  • Autodesk BIM 360 Software Overview

    BIM 360 software allows you to accelerate and improve decision making, connect your teams, and predict project outcomes. BIM 360 creates the framework for this data transaction making sure parties are looking at the relevant and most up to date information.

    BIM 360 is broken down in to several different platforms, the foundation of this platform is BIM360 docs. This common data environment is enhanced with BIM 360 design, coordinate and build.

    BIM 360 Docs

    This is the document management framework allowing you to create common data environments through granular permissions and folder setups, making sure the right people see the right information at the right time.

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  • Reviews

    "Inventive building designs with BIM"
    With BIM 360 we are able to head problems off before they go to fabrication—that’s saved everyone time, money and grief.
    BIM Manager | Cundall
    "Stantec finish project faster with BIM360"
    For the first time [the client] is a part of this process and they don't have to have Revit installed. All they need is a web browser. They can log in, they can see the file, they can see the sheets and they can see how we're coordinating the comments and exchanging ideas.
    Associate and Regional BIM Lead | Stantec