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    Profitability Through Productivity:

    In the dynamic world of design and manufacturing, 
every second counts. At Cadspec Consultancy, we 
redefine the possibilities for your business, creating profitability through productivity.

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Efficiency Unleashed

Picture this – what once took four hours 
is now streamlined to just four minutes! 
Our solutions automate system design, submittal, quotes, and model exports, optimising every step of the way.
Take your system design, submittal, quote and model exports time down from 4 hours down to 4 minutes
What once was a quote every 3 days is now shrunk to 3 quotes per day
Projects with 15,000+ model occurrences and 438 drawings that would take 495 hours, is now down to 31 minutes
Create accurate quotes that once took 2 weeks, down to 1 day
Take production drawings down from 1 month to 20 minutes
Complete a year’s worth of outputs in as little as 4 days
60 orders can completed in just 4 hours, which would have taken two weeks
3 weeks worth of models and drawings created in 1 day
Run your 14 hour Quote, BOM, Models, and Drawings process in 3 minutes, boosting revenue

Revolutionising Processes

From reducing project timelines to automating production drawings 
and BOM, our success is measured in metrics. Take a deep dive into 
our accomplishments and see how we've transformed businesses.

Tailored Approach
to Efficiency

We’re dedicated to a customer-driven experience, our commitment goes beyond speed. Discover how our solutions make your CPQ process quicker and automate important tasks for a smooth workflow.

The first step in our consultancy process begins with an onsite discovery session with your key collaborators to gain an in-depth understanding to review your operations, identify pain-points, evaluate the existing models or processes, and understand how information is being shared.

Areas of Consultancy


Experience cutting-edge Building Information Modeling 
(BIM) automation that propels your design and manufacturing processes to new heights

Design Intelligence

Harness the power of iLogic to work smarter, not harder. 
Our expertise ensures efficiency in every step of the way.

Connected Data

Navigate the complexities of data seamlessly. Augment 
your information and make informed decisions based 
on your business needs

Cloud Integration

Embrace the future with Cloud Integration. Break 
barriers and unlock new possibilities for collaboration 
and efficiency.

App Development

Bring your ideas to life with our custom Application Development services. Tailored solutions for your unique business challenges.

Skills Development & Analysis

Metric driven, tailored training programmes, empowering your team to support automation in the workplace.

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how our expertise can redefine your possibilities.