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Stair Supplies


Who are Stair Supplies?

Stair Supplies are a leading manufacturer of quality stair parts and custom staircase systems. They are rapidly adapting their engineering processes to fulfill custom orders and meet an increase in demand.

The Challenge

Currently, Stair Supplies has the manufacturing capability to produce thousands of stairway designs and styles for customers around the globe. However, expanding this already impressive portfolio is no easy feat, and doing so at a pace that keeps you well ahead of competitors proves even more difficult–and requires a qualified team to lead.

StairSupplies quickly realized that their floating stairs were gaining in popularity, and demand was projected to outpace the engineering services available to produce them. In order to meet this demand, they either needed to hire a lot more engineers (which would greatly impact their bottom line) or they needed to speed up the engineering process. The directors of the business chose the latter.

Why Autodesk?

The company knew they needed to build something that could automate the process for modeling their stair systems (what would soon become their stair generator), and they immediately began researching the tools available to them. Although they had limited experience in CAD software, they soon discovered what appeared to be a viable option–iLogic technology in Inventor.

When we stumbled upon iLogic for this project, the capabilities and the functionality there, there’s so much power behind that and we just really fell in love with the abilities that it provides. And now every time we start something, the first thought is, ‘how am I going to make this a smart design so that I can apply iLogic to it later on if I need to?

JJ Johnson, COO, StairSupplies


  • iLogic automation cut stair system design time from 4 hours to 2 minutes (a decrease of 12,000%)
  • Stair generator increased the number of completed monthly orders from 12 to 150 (an increase of 1,250%)

By powering their stair generator with automation capabilities in Inventor, StairSupplies reached impressive milestones.

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