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Inventor: FEA & Frame Analysis

This course is will cover the basics of Stress, Modal and Frame Analysis. The course will begin with FEA theory and move on to thoroughly explaining the stress, modal and frame analysis workflows and users interfaces.        

Start Time:

9.30 am
Coffee Break:  11.00 –11.15 am
Lunch:  1.00 –2.00 pm
Coffee Break: 3.00 – 3.15 pm
Finish: 5.15 pm

Course Outline

  • Stress Analysis User Interface
  • Element Types & Assembly Contacts
  • Mesh and Convergence
  • Stress Singularities
  • Solving Stress Analysis Design problems.
  • Motion Load Transfer
  • Cyclic Symmetry
  • Weldments
  • Structural Optimisation
  • Modal Analysis
  • Frame Analysis
  • FEA Theory
  • Frame Analysis User


Delegates with a familiarity and understanding of Microsoft Windows and up-to-date experience with Inventor in a working environment

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Course details

Length 1 day
Cost 395
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