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  • May 1, 2020
  • Author: Catherine Aspinall
  • Blog

Meet the Experts Panel Discussion

Join us as we bring together some of our very own leading experts on Design, CAD, CAM & Additive Manufacturing.


This open forum will allow you to ask our specialist’s questions you may have on any related subject. For example; is Metal Additive Manufacturing right for your business, or how to effectively optimise your CAD design ready for mass production.


Our team have a wealth of experience and come from varied industry backgrounds from the factory floor to the design house, giving you a wide array of expertise and knowledge. Find out a bit more below on each of our panel of experts…

Alexander Bordino

Alex is an award-winning Product Design Engineer, and Autodesk Certified Trainer who is additionally qualified, an Autodesk Inventor Certified Professional, and Accredited Stratasys Additive Manufacturing Consultant.

Alex has extensive experience in developing innovative product designs for a variety of organisations and empowering design and engineering organizations, to design better, faster, and more efficiently with first-class Autodesk and Additive Manufacturing training/consultancy.

As an Autodesk Technical Sales specialist, Alex is a trusted advisor, and is responsible for examining the way design and engineering business’s function from the ground up, recommended enhanced workflows, systems and strategies, to maximise profit and minimise lead times. Alex’s products of specialisation are Inventor, AutoCAD, Fusion 360, and Vault data management, of which he has successfully implemented, trained, and supported, for a diverse range of engineering and design businesses.

With a wealth of knowledge in all things CAD and Design, Alex is enthused to start answering some of your queries!

Specialities: 3D Design, Data Management, CAD, Product Design, Generative Design

Colin Cater 

Colin comes from a traditional toolmaking background, time served apprentice, and became one of the first to begin using CNC machines, nearly 40 years ago which then migrated into EDM( Spark Erosion) roles. With over 10 years as an applications engineer with Charmilles and five years in robot automation with System 3R, there’s not a lot Colin doesn’t know about this field!

He moved into 3D Printing, in 2005, at the very early beginnings of Objet Polyjet 3D Printers, and started his role at ARCAM EBM once again following a technical sales role. Colin joined the UK partner for Concept Laser in 2008, and alongside their parent company the Hofmann Group began to see how Subtractive and Additive Manufacturing could work together. You could say this ‘sparked’ his real passion for AM!

Colin has experience in working with materials, like titanium, Inconel and Aluminium. More recently his experience in the use of CAD/CAM to provide the front end solutions for AM, with light-weighting, Generative Designs, using Autodesk software, have given him the experience on how to look into the future of how Additive/Subtractive and the CAD/CAM tools will combine to give what he sees as ultimate design capabilities, and how the toolroom has changed over the last 40 years.

Colin truly is an AM veteran working from the traditional days of the factory floor toolmaking to now working with state of the art 3D Printers and CAM software. We challenge you to give him a question he won’t know!

Specialities: Metal 3D Printing, CAM, Generative Design, Metals

Tim Smith

From Tim’s early career working in a machine shop moving into a technical sales role in his early twenties, Tim has a passion for technology and loves anything associated with precision engineering. Tim has worked in the 3D printing industry for more than 25 years, has a keen eye for detail, and enjoys learning about new and exciting applications that you can do with Additive Manufacturing.

During his career, Tim has worked across Europe and Scandinavia helping some of the world’s most renowned automotive, aerospace and defence companies meet their additive manufacturing and 3d printing needs – whether that be a new design for jigs/fixtures or setting up a whole new AM facility within a business.

With over 12 year’s experience working with Stratasys products, he enjoys the opportunity to share his experience and knowledge of the technologies and identify the key areas where 3d printing can be applied.

With so much knowledge and experience, we’d love to put Tim’s 3D Print Proficiency to the test, so we ask you to challenge him as much as possible with your questions!

Specialities: FDM, PolyJet, Stratasys Products, Prototyping

How do I ask a question?

Simple! When you complete your registration for the event, you will be prompted to ask a question in the box. No worries if you haven’t got a question yet and/or just want to listen to the guys reply to others. There will be the option to submit prior to the online event or during using this email address:

Come & join us on the 21st May and share our panels passion for all things UK manufacturing & design.

Register for your ticket here

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