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Nastran IN-CAD

Autodesk® Nastran® In-CAD,

a general purpose finite element analysis (FEA) embedded in your CAD system, is powered by the Autodesk® Nastran® solver and offers a wide-range of simulation spanning across multiple analysis types such as linear and nonlinear stress, dynamics, and heat transfer. This single product is available as a network license and serves multiple CAD platforms such as Autodesk® Inventor® and SolidWorks® – providing a consistent user experience and eliminating the need for multiple single-platform simulation technologies. Autodesk Nastran In-CAD delivers high-end simulation technology in a value-enhanced, CAD-embedded workflow so engineers and analysts can make great products.  

Start Designing with Nastran IN-CAD for under £250 per month

From under £250 per month subscription you can now benefit from using the new Nastran IN-CAD to help solve all your design challenges inside Autodesk Inventor

Nastran IN-CAD

This software is perfect for

• Nonlinear:

Computes advanced nonlinear solutions such as large displacements/rotation, large strain, plasticity, hyperelasticity, creep, and more.

• Thermal:

Supports analysis of structures subjected to thermal loads. Solves heat transfer problems with linear and nonlinear thermal boundary conditions that vary through time (for example, power fluctuations).

• Fatigue:

Determines the life of parts subjected to cyclic loads and easily extends a linear static or random response analysis to calculate fatigue life and fatigue damage.

• Buckling:

Assesses stability under loads; examines structures for sudden failure modes caused by compressive forces

. • Dynamic Response:

Determines displacements, loads, stresses, and strains in structures subjected to transient or frequency-dependent loads.

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