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The Production Series

Digital Manufacturing as you see fit.

The Stratasys Production Series includes two families of top-of-the-line 3D production systems. No one else can deliver the same advanced performance in everything from tooling, jigs and fixtures to production-grade end-use parts and advanced functional prototyping. 

Digital Manufacturing is where the world is going. Leveraging the truly transformative technologies of the Production Series is the fastest way to get you there. With the Stratasys Production Series of 3D Printers your manufacturing operation can be more agile and cost-effective, and your inventories can become virtual. 

The Production Series: Precision and Performance

Within the Production series is a range of Polyjet and FDM 3D Printers:

Built to work hard and smart

The Production Series is as versatile and durable as the real parts these systems produce. In fact, they're true workhorses, delivering the throughput, duty cycles and utilisation rates that make digital manufacturing not only possible, but practical. 

Production Series of 3D Printers - The Production Series Connex 350 - The Production Series 3D Printed Break - The Production Series J750 3D Printed Colourful toy - The Production Series Stratasys J750 3D Printer - The Production Series

Product details

Objet 350 Connex3

  • Build Size: 340x340x200mm
  • Materials: Rigid Opaque, Rubber-like, Transparent, Bio-compatible, High-Temperature

Objet 1000 Plus

  • Build Size: 1000x800x500mm
  • Materials: Rigid Opaque, Rubber-like, Transparent, Digital ABS


  • Build Size: 490 x 390 x 200 mm
  • Materials: Rigid Opaque, Rubber-like, Transparent (360,00 colours)

Fortus 380mc

  • Build Size: 355x305x305mm
  • Materials: ABS M30, ABS M30i, ABS ESD7, ASA, PC-ISO, FDM Nylon12

Fortus 450mc

  • Build Size: 406x355x406mm
  • Materials: ABS M30, ABS M30i, ABS ESD7, ASA, PC-ISO, FDM Nylon12, ULTEM 9085, ULTEM 1010

Fortus 900mc

  • Build Size: 914x610x914mm
  • Materials: ABS M30, ABS M30i, ABS ESD7, ASA, PC-ISO, FDM Nylon12, PPSF
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Jigs & Fixtures

Production/End-use parts

Working prototypes

Aerospace grade parts


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