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  • April 8, 2020
  • Author: Catherine Aspinall
  • AEC

What's new in Revit 2021?

Autodesk Revit 2021 software includes new features and enhancements that help multidisciplinary teams deliver projects more productively. With more immersive and modern user experience, this new version of Autodesk Revit continues to support efficient design and drive innovation.


In this blog, the Cadspec architectural team goes through some of their favourite additions to Revit 2021 including Dynamo capabilities, Generative Design + much more!

Please note – all imagery used within this blog is of full credit to Autodesk.


Utilize and manage PDFs and images much more easily

  • Link PDF’s and images from local or cloud file locations
  • Select multiple rows to reload or remove links
  • Convert links to imports as needed
  • Use the show button to find a PDF or image in a project

Enjoy more choice in where your cloud-hosted projects are stored

  • Store Revit Cloud data models on Europe data center
  • Location determined by location of BIM 360 account

Revit 2021 Data

Tailor your Revit interface to better meet your needs

  • Provides a personalized experience for the way you work, based on your discipline and primary job role
  • Proposes a customized UI that hides unnecessary Ribbon tabs
  • You can accept or decline the result, and your customized UI is saved

Revit User

The latest Dynamo capabilities are now installed with Revit

  • The latest version of Dynamo now ships with Revit; no need to maintain multiple versions
  • Automatically finds required packages
  • Filters for external application dependencies
  • Offers significant improvements to performance and memory management

Revit and Dynamo


Revit generative design allows you to quickly evaluate design options and save time with automation

  • Create and explore generative studies directly in Revit
  • Generate design options
  • Filter and rank results
  • Evaluate goals
  • Create Revit elements

Revit Generative Design

Easily model slanted architectural, structural, and curtain walls.

  • Apply a slant or tilt to walls
  • Cross-Section and Angle from Vertical instance parameters
  • Hosted elements may be vertical or slanted (e.g. windows, doors)

Slanted Walls in Revit


Introduce new, intelligent 3D rebar shapes

  • Enable shape codes completeness
  • Extract bending instructions
  • Full fabrication instructions

Revit Rebar Shapes

Easily create and modify steel component shapes

  • Edit Boundary or Edit Pattern button
  • Editable steel objects: Steel plates, Contour cuts on beams/plates, Bolts, Anchors, Shear stud patterns
  • Use the editing tools to: Adjust the sketch, Stretch a plate or specify the circular opening diameter

Steel Object Editing Enhancements

Create better documentation with more dimensioning options

  • Dimension to the centerline in a front view
  • Dimension to the midpoint in a side view

Dimensions Snapping to Steel Plates


Better flexibility with circuit naming schemes

  • Circuit naming schemes enabled in electrical settings
  • Circuit identifier in panel schedules
  • Circuit identifier on wire and device tags
  • French and UK templates are preloaded with ‘By Project’ default settings

Electrical Circuit Naming

Fabrication capabilities are now integrated into Revit

  • MEP Fabrication Export now located under the File tab
  • Import MEP Fabrication Job on the Insert tab
  • Export Job File on the Contextual Ribbon tab

MEP Fabrication Extension Integration

Popular units have been added for mechanical design

  • New pipe flow units have been added: Cubic Feet per Hour, Cubic Feet per Minute, and Litres per Hour

New Pipe Flow Units

For further information on Revit 2021, or to purchase a license – get in touch with our team.

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