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Douglas Equipment - Space Pilot

Time Flies At Douglas Equipment Thanks To SpacePilot

The move to a more efficient two-handed work style using SpacePilot Professional 3D Mouse technology from 3Dconnexion has dramatically cut design cycles at Douglas Equipment, reducing the amount of engineering time spent on projects by as much as 30%.

The Challenge

When Danny Hyatt, Senior Design Engineer at Douglas Equipment was charged with procuring a new CAD system he brought in Cadspec to demonstrate the Autodesk Inventor System. During this demo he encountered 3Dconnexions' 3D mice. He was immediately struck by their potential and after doing some research on them he put in a recommendation that they should kit out each CAD station with the top of the range Space Pilot and that they should invest in the portable Space Navigator for Notebooks - 3D mice for laptops. They standardised this approach so that 3D mice are now supplied with all systems and they have been using them from day one with Inventor.

The Result

Douglas Equipment still run its old CAD system so are able to compare the old way of working with the new method. They find the old way of working very strange in comparison to the more intuitive two handed style where one hand drives the Space Pilot to pan, zoom and rotate the 3D model while the other hand uses the mouse to make selections and choose commands.

The Benefits

"It is definitely a more natural and intuitive way to work with 3D content. Something that takes me 10 minutes to do with the Space Pilot takes 30 minutes without it because of the dependence on toolbar controls."

Danny Hyatt, Senior Design Engineer, Douglas Equipment

Douglas Transporter - Douglas Equipment - Space Pilot

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