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5 Reasons why you can’t afford to skip out on training – 11 November 2019

Design technologies have developed significantly over the past decade, from 2D design applications, to today’s ever expanding base of cloud collaboration tools, generative design capabilities and intelligent prediction and analysis insights. These developments are being driven by the ever–increasing demand of our population as we require more infrastructure and resources, from housing to water and public services. Consequently, this demand is causing huge implications for our economy, our supply chain and our planet, as it struggles to provide the resources we depend on. This has meant that we’ve had to get smarter and more resourceful about the way me make, what resources we take, and the effect our actions have on the planet.

As a result, today’s CAD and CAM technologies are highly sophisticated and advanced, as well as ever developing and improving. To keep up with this, training is no longer an add-on with a software purchase, but an essential and on-going process that ensures professionals stay competent throughout their careers.

Looking for a way to convince your boss to send you on that training course you’ve had your eye on? Well look no further, here’s 5 reasons why your business can’t afford not to invest in training.



1. Increase staff retention rates


Today’s CAD designers and engineers are usually highly educated and sought after individuals with a niche set of skills that are in high demand. Essentially, the world is their oyster. By offering a clear path for opportunities and progressions within their role, employees are more likely to invest their time and skills in your company rather than looking for new opportunities elsewhere. This will not only save your business on recruitment fees and valuable time but will also build a strong and reliable team, keeping staff turnover rates low.

In addition, Statistics now show that a strong on-boarding process can increase employee retention by 82%, with a negative on boarding process making the employee 2X more likely to look for another opportunity within the first few months of the job. Cadspec’s Autodesk certified training will reassure new starters that you’re willing to invest in them and that you’re both in it for the long haul.


2. Enhance operational efficiency

A company is only as good as its employees, and those employees are only as good as the resources given to them. Whilst your employees may already be familiar with CAD, frequent updates from Autodesk to ensure the software is optimised means there’s always something new to learn. You can ensure your employee’s performance is also optimised with frequent refresher courses to keep your business up to date with the latest practices and stay ahead of the competition.

In addition, there are a huge number of shortcuts, tricks and add-in tool sets to be utilised within your software that could take months or even years to master without training to accelerate this.


3. Increase your competitive advantage

In today’s digital era, consumerism is continually increasing as more and more households begin to have an increased disposable income, and in return the demand for services and consumer goods is also rising. With this comes an increase in businesses, creating more competition between local companies. What’s more, the internet has made many services that were once only available in certain geographical locations available to the masses, meaning competition is not only local anymore.

With so much choice for consumers, having the most well-maintained services and the most qualified staff is essential. Achieving this will require your employee’s to be constantly refreshing and improving their skills. As Autodesk Gold partners as well as an Autodesk certified training centre, our team are best placed to notify you of the latest CAD and CAM products and tools, where we can recommend the necessary training to accompany any new and emerging technologies as they become available.



4. Support succession planning

Have you got staff members you would describe as irreplaceable if they were to leave the company? Then perhaps you may need to start looking into succession planning. By creating a tailored training and development plan for each staff member in your business, you’re enhancing the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume senior roles as they become available.

Our beginner and advanced training courses are an ideal place to start with succession planning and are taught in small class sizes of no more than 6 people to ensure the trainer can give their undivided attention. In addition, we also offer the option to take the Autodesk certification exam which further validates your employee’s knowledge and adds credibility to your business.



5. Keep your employees happy

Empower your employees to see their job as a career pathway rather than just a means to pay the bills. By investing in training for your employees, you’re showing that you value them and are willing to invest in their future. Studies show that valued employees who feel invested in are up to 20% more productive than their unhappy counterparts. So by investing in the happiness of your employees, you’re creating a win, win situation for both your employees and your business.



So there you have some of the top reasons why training is critical to your business. Here at Cadspec and the wider Stanford Marsh Group, we believe training shouldn’t be viewed as an extra cost but the structural support of your business. Think of it like the foundations of a building, issues such as unprepared ground, poor surrounding infrastructure and tree root invasions can all lead to the demise of the building unless it’s well maintained. We think it’s the same with training. By continually investing in your staff, you’re ensuring the foundations of your business remain stable whilst you’re your most experienced team members lead the way from the top.

To find out more about Cadspec’s range of CAD and CAM training courses, have a browse of our training pages or alternatively, give us a call on 01905 458000 / email info@cadspec.co.uk

5 Reasons why you can’t afford to skip out on training

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