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An inside look at our new Customer Success Manager James Cook – 12 September 2019

Hi James, what is your Role at Cadspec?

I am the new customer success manager! It’s an ongoing job that ensures customers have best success throughout their contract lifecycle regarding the products and services that we offer. There’s also offering very low-end tech support, login activation requirements, and other small functions like that. The goal is to be become the point of contact for customers and to keep them comfortable at all times.

What did you do before this?

Before this I was in a couple of jobs. I worked at a water quality company that sold Flo Meters and did work with ground water and levels. At that company I was an internal sales assistant, so my job was to quote customers and occasionally handle complaints. Before that I worked for city plumbing supplies, as a management apprenticeship.

There’s always been an intersection between those jobs in the form of customer care, even though I’ve predominantly been in sales. After nearly a decade I’m proud of my ability to understand customer needs. Forward facing customer relationships are always at the forefront of my efforts.

You round out Cadspec’s new customer success team, how will this benefit our customers?

It’s all about having a concrete point of contact in the company that’s reachable at all times. A reliable name that can be trusted. Small problem? Just “call James at Cadspec” he’ll know what to do. That way we can make sure customers receive most from our products.

Do you know of any projects that utilise Autodesk software?

I have a family member that works as a quantity surveyor who works around autoCAD a lot; so I’ve heard about how BIM in construction can help to improve workflow processes immensely. The efficiency with which work can be done in that industry is well worth noting.

What are you most looking forward to about working in the CAD industry?

It’s just exciting isn’t it? The wide applications of CAD software and the different markets are a fresh challenge for me, and I’m looking forward to engaging with customers of different backgrounds. This is especially so construction because I have experience there. It’s also interesting to see the office aspects of the industry – and how we’ll work towards full customer care and account management.

Have the team helped you settle in at Cadspec and Stanford Marsh?

I’ve only been here for a few days but I can safely say yes! Everyone’s been super friendly, showing me around the building and offering plenty of coffee and tea! It’s a really great environment, people have come over to say hi and have a little chat to make me feel more welcome.

Have you got anything planned within your new role that customers look forward to?

I’m looking forward to seeing how the role develops depending on how we adapt to our customers reactions. As we become more integrated into the customer experience they’ll know that we’re here to help with any problems no matter how big or small. They can expect calls without having sales pushed on them - we’re just seeing what we can do to help them be successful with CAD!

Cadspec Ltd James Cook - An inside look at our new Customer Success Manager  James Cook

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