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Autodesk Revit Q&A with our AEC Application Engineer – 4 June 2018

How long have you been using Autodesk Revit and how do you think it compares to similar software’s on the market?

I have been using the software for around 3 years now, before this I was using ArchiCAD. I would never say ArchiCAD is a poor software package but by comparison Revit is a far better solution. Apart from encompassing the full AEC package, including MEP functionality, the way the software allows for design modification and flexibility at all stages throughout the designing process means the workflow between concept, planning and construction is as streamlined as possible.

Having a passion for architectural design, what would be your top tip for others when using Revit?

Learn to utilize the family/content creation side of the programme. This really unlocks a lot of features for you as a designer, this is when you stop working for the software and the software starts working for you. Alongside the formation of parametric geometry, you will want to understand and create shared parameters, this means you can produce fully collaborative content to generate useful models, tags and scheduling data sets.

These skills can be used to create families that enrich your design with information and realism. This is also a key stepping stone to be able to create fully compatible BIM models, creating a digital representation of the built environment with all accompanying information and details.

What are your 3 favourite features of Autodesk Revit that make your job easier?

The undo button! Only joking, it’s the parametric relationship between the building elements and the views created. Being able to know every view is updated when I move, add or modify a 3D building element really speeds up the design process, reducing duplicate conflicting information and miscommunication between disciplines and design phases.

The ease of creating your own custom family files within the software is a brilliant feature that enables users to create, make and design their own parametric models for purpose.

Finally, the way that Revit works alongside and within the wider AEC Collection really enriches the experience. From sketching a concept form in FormIt and being able to work directly from that 3D sketch in Revit. To sending it to 3Ds Max for Photorealistic rendering or Revit Live for immersive visualisation, really makes the most out of the software package.

How are you finding the new release of Revit 2019?

It's refreshing to see a useful new UI feature with the view tabs that have been added, fact that you can finally utilise multiple screens now is a massive help when viewing large projects. Another small feature that really helps is that you can view and edit levels in 3D, making it easier to work within the 3D view and another tool for better more effective communication with a wider community.


Autodesk Revit Q&A with our AEC Application Engineer

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