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Looking to enter the world of CAD Design? – 8 September 2017

In an era where our population’s requirements are now more complex than ever, it’s essential that we adapt and develop new ways to meet these demands. This means that everyone and anyone now training to become a drafter in a variety of different industries is undoubtedly being taught to use digital software, and with new students acquiring these skills every year, it’s important you’re not left behind!

Having the ability to use AutoCAD software is no longer a benefit but an essential requirement in this day and age. AutoCAD is one of the most widely used tools amongst mechanical drafters, architectural drafters and civic and electrical drafters. We know that with all the different Autodesk products out there it can be difficult to understand which one is best for you, so let us explain…

What is AutoCAD and who uses it? 

AutoCAD is an Autodesk computer aided design software application that allows you to prepare blueprints and plans for a variety of industry products. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what AutoCAD can be used for:

Our Training Course

If you have no idea how to use AutoCAD, our essential skills course can help! Our AutoCAD Essential Skills course is designed to teach delegates the basic principles of using AutoCAD and also to explain some further techniques that can be used to improve efficiency of producing drawings.

This course is 3 days long and runs from 9.30 AM to 5.15 PM. We offer this course in a variety of locations including Worcester, Bristol, Bridgend and Derby so you can choose a location most convenient for you. 

What will I learn?

In this course we will cover the basics including drawing setup, creating a 2D drawing, use of drawing template files, layers and object properties, creating and analysing AutoCAD objects, and more.

The course is flexible and can be varied to suit our client’s preferences and requirements. The only prerequisite is a familiarity with Microsoft windows! 

How will the course benefit me? 

It’s important to ensure any investment, whether it’s a personal investment or a business investment, must be worthwhile. We’ve put together some of the main benefits you will reap from our course:

Ability to grow and transform within your industry

By obtaining these AutoCAD skills you will become a more tactile planner who is better equipped with the knowledge and skills to create modern day solutions. 

Greater co-operation and collaboration

Having the ability to use computer aided design software in your projects will enable you to work more effectively with other stakeholders in a project to deliver better outcomes for the built environment. 

What next?

At Cadspec we believe it’s essential that everyone is equipped with these skills in order to meet not just the demands we are now facing, but also the growing design complexities of the future which will in turn demand highly skilled and adaptable problem solvers.

All of our courses are Autodesk accredited and upon completion you will be presented with an Autodesk authorised completion certificate. For more information and prices call 01905 458000 or email training@cadspec.co.uk

Looking to enter the world of CAD Design? Looking to enter the world of CAD Design? Looking to enter the world of CAD Design?

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